KILL THE LIAR on the tote bag

kill the liar 2nd merch
the tote bag with pocket inside
material: baby canvas
price: IDR 45k
only 8 item

more info:
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never lie when the truth is more profitable // Stainlaw Lec




here we comeee! KILL THE LIAR #2
handmade tote bag

never lie when the truth is more profitable.//Stanislaw Lec

coming soon!


A & M

This is my second video. but I made it to help my big brother, maulana. I hope you guys (Ayu Rinjani Loekito) can be lasting and be best best bestt friends ever.
I am glad to see you happy and laugh together :D

fyi, someday saya juga mau ada yg buatin video stop motion buat nembak hahhaha lol

actually, i love this song, NAIF - itulah cinta



Sea Wolf
The Garden That You Planted

Good morning dear,
I hope I didn't wake you too soon
Because my mind is growing tired
Too much thinking what I should do

I picture you out there
It must be beautiful this time of year
All those east coast leaves
Floating round like embers from burning trees
Well the weather out here's just the same
But the garden that you planted remains
Now it's only work
Each day bleeding into the next
Barely scraping by
I tire myself out just so I can rest
But rest it rarely comes
When it does I cannot go home
Because it's much too quiet
Seems I'm not suited to being alone
and everyone around me has changed
But the garden that you planted remains

I think about you
Maybe more than I should
But the smoke is getting old
The drugs I'm taking aren't so good

So will you talk to me?
Even though you've had a late night
Because I need a little help
Baby, tell me I'll be alright
Cause everthing around me has changed
But the garden that you planted remains

PS: another random drawing at the middle night
and playing this song again and again.
"i think about you maybe more than i should" is the best part
haha kinda funny i feel this feeling again. yes, it's been so long.


just can't

i can't sleep.
i can't close my eyes.
i can't describe my feeling in a word.
i just can't.

ps: dini hari ini saya ditemani "untuk perempuan yang sedang dalam pelukan // payung teduh"



as i fall i leave this scar upon the sky
a simple note for you, i'll wait for your reply
and in your answer i'll regain my will to try

so hover in the diving light
We will rip the night
out of the arms of the sun one more time
close your eyes and we will fly


550 412

// my new hairdo

#10bestmovieposter THE GREAT ESCAPE

The Great Escape film tahun 1963
masih belum tau ceritanya, tapi diliatdari posternya sih
keliatan ceritanya tentang kabur dr penjara *sotoy* hahaha
saya suka poster ini karena tiap detail nya sangat jelas.
dan kalo di teliti itu tiap detiknya berbeda.
btw, taun segitu uda ada photoshop blm sih? :p