"blow out the candle i will burn again tomorrow"

"you're the reason for my laughter and my sorrow. blow out the candle i will burn again tomorrow
no man on earth can stand between my loving arms. and no matter how you hurt me, i will love you till i die
i ain't no vision, i am the girl who loves you inside and out
backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out"
feist - inside and out 

kinda freacky with this song.
and ya i miss him like crazy. i want to see ma bf *cried*
happy lazy-friday ppl.say that you love your lover everyday
it's means alot :3

bye! xox


karena pelukmu...

"...karna pelukmu akan selalu membuat diriku jatuh cinta..."
pulang // andien

inspired by andien's song 'pulang'
yes, i miss my bf so much rite now
i just wanna meet him, feel his arms, and see his face :3
we will meet soon, honey!
and here's the andien's song 'pulang'