submission for tempertantrum exhibition
"Melafalkan Autisme, Memamerkan Frustrasi"

ostinato (/ˌɒstɪˈnɑːtəʊ/)
a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm || stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion

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song for today

if we are only friends why do you kiss me like you do?
if we are only friends why do you hold me all night through?
do the words "i love you" never come to your mind
don't you know i love you? or is love really blind?

and every time we dance
when there is starlight up above
i wonder if by chance you will discover this is love
could we be as happy as we both seem to be?
could we be so happy for the whole world to see if we are only friends?

all evening in your arms you hold me
'til suddenly it's time to part
i wonder why you always hold me so close to your heart

if we are only friends
why don't you dance with someone new and when the party ends
why do i always leave with you there's a happy ending
but on you that depends and until you tell me
i can only say
we're just very good friends
we are only good friends
we're still very good friends.


lagu dari francoise hardy - only friend atau dalam bahasa prancisnya ton meilleur ami
iseng menjelajah di youtube kemarin malam
dan taaaraaa ini lagu ternyata tahun 1964. masih banyak lagu lama yang sungguh
ngena di hati dan kuping, lirik simpel tapi berkesan
oiya, coba cek 'i want you to want me' nya cheap trick
"i want you to want me, i need you to need me, i'd love you to love me and i'm begging you to beg me"

great man is a horse

i saw a figure of horse on him.
he is an emotional person (after my mom) i have ever known.
when his mood was bad, i can not say anything because i was afraid if he became more badmood -.-
he is 22 yo today, and surely one day i believe you will be a successful man and yes, deeply loved by a girl.
happy birthday, yus :)
nya o nya o



artwork for 50:50
jazzy high school band from Malang.


then next day

i find it silly that, one day, passion will color my cheeks and redden my lips so violently that the rest of my skin pales in comparison and then next day i'm fragile, blue, and lifeless with the inability to even lift my wrist or tell you not to go. human emotion never surprises me in how fleeting it remains to be.

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ps: i'm kinda busy right now
my day just full of task for my lecture.
i connect my modem and open google just for
searching some journal and an expiriment
ugh. tired!