life steer you...

sometimes the roundabout route life sends you on is better than the straight path you’d planned
what seems like a roadblock could actually be a redirection to a better path
let go of the wheel and let life steer you in the right direction
- nn


empty pillow

 "so would i be out of line if i said i miss you
i see your picture
i smell your skin on the empty pillow
next to mine"

"incubus - i miss you"


how could be?

we don't know each other.
we only read our own words in timeline.
he found my number with his own ways that i still don't know how.
he text me.
i replied his text but just once.
several days or maybe weeks.
i text him back on whats-app.
we talk. talking. talking. talking.
we laugh. laughing. laughing. laughing
i know something is growing. 
yap, a comfortable feeling.
we spent a lot of night even though 
there is a distance between us, 400 km.

minute, hour, day, and month.
and finally we meet.
in 3 days. when everything just like a movie.
but the time answered.
and that 3 days will be fused into a story about us.
a distance, a trust, an openness, and a love.

"...l o v e is a mystery 
where you'll find me.. where you'll find me
all is love is love is love is love..."