have you ever feeling really falling in love with someone so deeply?
so you can't feeling anything except the feeling of falling in love?
yes, maybe love is blind. and i'm the girl who blinded by love. so cheesy right? :|
this is a mixtape that every song tells how i could not in love with you, s.
and happy 5 my dearest, s. :)

here the download link --> in love mixtape

"and saturday night when we walk in the park you tell me you love me
it’s just like a dream my funny little dream" // funny little dream - funny little dream
 "love you forever and forever. love you with all my heart.
love you whenever we're together. love you when we are apart" // the beatles - i will 
"and now you know who will be there for you and we'll be together
in time, just in time so we'll wait. and it's you .. true, yeah it's you me and you.. and it's true"
// sundae sunday - it's you
"kau matahari yang selalu bersinar di hati. kauu seperti bunga
yang mekar mewangi. kau matahari selalu menyinari kau matahari selalu di hati" // it's different class - matahari
"someone tell me how i feel it's silly wrong but vivid right
oh, kiss me like the final meal.. yeah, kiss me like we die tonight" // elbow - one day like this
 "aku jatuh dan tak bagun lagi tenggelam dirayuannya menerpa segala angkara murka
padanya ku kan setia" // wsatcc - roman ke tiga
"i love you don't you see. you stole my heart in 1 2 3 i love youu, yes it's true
you stole my heart and i'm gona steal yours too" // little & ashley - stole my heart 
 "jika engkau minta satu dunia akan aku coba. ku haya mampu
jadi milikmu pastika kau bahagia. hati ini bukan milikku lagi. seribu tahun aka kunantikan kamu" // yuna - terukhir di bintang
 "walk out in the sea with me, just be. all the time you show me
your love. sweet love. and oh how you know this sweet love" // james yuill - this sweat love
"when love is real, you don't have to show it. when it is true, then everyone will know.
'cause there'll be no one but you and me, you and me, nobody baby but you and me."
// penny and the quaters - you and me  
 "i'm down on my daydream.oh, that sleepwalk should be over by now
  i know 'bout you.. yeah, yeah you make my dreams come true" // hall & oates - you make my dream

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